ChemMaths 15.7

ChemMaths is a chemical engineering, mathematical, and chemistry...

ChemMaths a general engineering,maths and chemistry program. Solve equations,find info on over 3000 chemical elements

ChemMaths is a engineering,mathematical and chemistry program. In addition interfaces with media player to allow playing of music,videos, ripping,burning cd's and includes a web browser to further solve problems, obtain information using the web. Software suitable for Engineering,Chemistry/Science Professionals and educational use. Offering an extensive array of features to solve, inform and interpret engineering problems/equations/data. Saves time in solving problems, performing calculations, obtaining chemical/mathematical/scientific data. Improve productivity, easy to use, all the right tools in the one application. Solve general, engineering equations, problems quickly and accurately. Contains information on over 3000 chemical compounds,allows prediction of chemical compound properties,critical constants, thermodynamic properties,gas, liquid diffusivitiy ,surface tension,viscosity calculations etc,periodic table, solves over 500 chemical/electrical/civil/mechanical engineering,design,distillation, physics, and mathematical equations. Contains over 200 unit conversions. General chemical structure drawing program,process simulation program. Solve for matrices, triangles, finance, geometry,area/surface/volume,statistics and many other mathematical problems and equations. Plot, create,print numerous 2D/3D graphs of data.

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